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Thank you for visiting our simple website today, you are very welcome. We are the owner of the famous Vanwall Marque with exciting plans for it’s long term future which we will reveal this Autumn.


The Vanwall name is a very special one in the extraordinary history of Formula One. The winner of the first official ‘Formula One World Constructors Championship’(WCC) it is forever the first name on the magnificent Trophy.


The list of winners is an amazing grid of illustrious names. We like to think they’re the ‘chasing pack’ behind Vanwall, forever in pole position.


The Vanwall race team story is remarkable, built around one man’s vision to ‘put the ‘great’ back into Britain and beat ‘those bloody red cars’, especially the mighty Ferrari! That man was Tony Vandervell of the ‘Vandervell Products Company’. His team initially raced repainted ‘Thinwall Specials’ which were Ferraris under their green livery, then set out to build his own cars under the new ‘Vanwall’ marque.


In 1958 they won the inaugural WCC with drivers’ Sir Stirling Moss, Tony Brooks and the late Stuart Lewis-Evans. Thereafter a combination of factors including Tony Vandervell’s personal failing health led the to the team withdrawing from full time racing and only competing in ad hoc events until it’s last race in 1961.


Now is not the time for us to reveal our plans. We’re keen to make contact with motor racing fans around the world, if you’re interested in finding out more please complete the simple drop down form below and later this year we’ll be in contact.


The Formula One Championship is the world’s greatest and best motor racing format, clearly the pinnacle of an incredible sport of which Vanwall is forever on the podium.


 We look forwards to being in contact and thank you for your interest.


Yours faithfully


Iain Sanderson

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